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Osceola (Yaholi) – Winterset project proposed line route

Project Background

ITC Midwest is planning to build a new 161 kV (161,000 volt) electric transmission line that travels through Madison and Clarke counties from the Winterset Substation, owned by CIPCO, to the planned Yaholi Substation, currently being constructed by Alliant Energy and ITC Midwest in Osceola.

Why is this line needed?

This line build is part of ITC Midwest’s continuing efforts to improve the reliability of the electric transmission system and better serve the current and future needs of electric consumers.

The configuration of the existing transmission system in the area limits the ability to re-route electricity to customers during planned outages (when a line needs to be taken out of service for maintenance) and unplanned outages (such as an outage resulting from a severe storm). This new 161 kV line is needed to ensure the system can continue to remain reliable during planned and unplanned system outages. Connecting an additional 161 kV transmission line to the power grid in this area ensures long-term reliability can be maintained, while also providing increased system resiliency to better withstand severe weather.

The Osceola (Yaholi) – Winterset project will provide important benefits and drive value for electric consumers. When completed, this transmission line will:

  • Increase transmission infrastructure to improve system reliability
  • Enhance grid resilience to better withstand extreme weather
  • Better serve current and future needs through increased system capacity
  • Reduce electric system congestion and improve grid efficiency


What is ITC Midwest doing to minimize the impact on landowners and current land uses?

ITC Midwest seeks to minimize the impact of the line on existing land uses. The company is committed to protecting the environment and will fully compensate landowners for any damages that occur during the construction process.

Where possible, this new line will be double-circuited with existing transmission lines to mitigate the need for a new transmission corridor across privately owned land. To minimize the footprint of the line, ITC Midwest plans to use steel monopoles.

How will ITC Midwest work with landowners?

Under Iowa law, ITC Midwest cannot negotiate for easements until after the Iowa Utilities Board holds a public information meeting. For this project, public information meetings were held in Osceola in Clarke County and Truro in Madison County on July 19, 2023

ITC Midwest representatives are now meeting with affected landowners in the proposed corridor to explain the process and their rights, and ultimately, to begin negotiations to secure voluntary easements. Landowners are compensated for permitting ITC Midwest to secure an easement on their property. ITC Midwest understands and appreciates the impact that new line construction has on landowners and pledges to treat all landowners with the utmost respect during this important process.

Project Schedule

Public Information MeetingsJuly 19, 2023
Easement acquisition completeAugust 2024*
If approved by Iowa Utilities Board, construction beginsSecond quarter 2025*
Construction complete2026*

* Time frames are subject to change